Morgan Chabanon

Associate Professor (Maitre de Conférences)

Laboratory EM2C (CNRS), Physics of Transfers
CentraleSupelec, University Paris-Saclay
3 rue Joliot Curie, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France
Building Eiffel, Office ED.113
Email: morgan.chabanon[at]
Tel. : +33 1 75 31 64 24


List of Publications

*Corresponding author.  #Co-first authors.


15. de Castro, A.R., Chabanon, M., Goyeau, B. Numerical analysis of the fluid-solid interactions during steady and oscillatory flows of non-Newtonian fluids through deformable porous media. Chemical Engineering Research and Design 193, 38-53, (2023).


14. Lujan, P.#, Angulo-Capel, J.#, Chabanon, M.#, & Campelo, F., Interorganelle communication and membrane shaping in the early secretory pathway.  Current Opinion in Cell Biology 71, 95–102, (2021).


13. Raote, I.#, Chabanon, M.#, Walani, N., Arroyo, M., Garcia-Parajo, M.F., Malhotra, V., & Campelo, F., A physical mechanism of TANGO1-mediated bulky cargo export. eLife 9, e59426, (2020).

12. Beauchesne, C., Chabanon, M., Smaniotto, B., Ladoux, B., Goyeau, B., & David, B., Channeling effect and tissue morphology in a perfusion bioreactor imaged by X-Ray microtomography. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 17, 301–311, (2020).


11. Chabanon, M. & Rangamani P., Geometric coupling of helicoidal ramps and curvature-inducing proteins in organelle membranes. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16, 20190354, (2019). [Preprint]

10. Bour, A., Kruglik, S.G., Chabanon, M., Rangamani, P., Puff, N., & Bonneau, S.* Lipid unsaturation properties govern the sensitivity of membranes to photo-induced oxidative stress. Biophysical Journal 116, 910-920, (2019). [Preprint]

9. Chabanon, M., Duval, H., Grenier, J., Beauchesne, C., Goyeau, B., & David, B. Histological method to study the effect of shear stress on cell proliferation and tissue morphology in a bioreactor. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 16, 225–235, (2019).


8. Chabanon, M.* & Rangamani, P.* Solubilization kinetics determines the pulsatory dynamics of lipid vesicles exposed to surfactant. Biochimica Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes 1860, 2032-2041, (2018). [Preprint]

7. Chabanon, M. & Rangamani, P.* Gaussian curvature directs the distribution of spontaneous curvature in cellular membrane necks. Soft Matter 14, 2281-2294, (2018). [Preprint]

6. Su, W-C.#, Gettel, D.L.#, Chabanon, M.#, Rangamani, P.*, & Parikh, A.N.* Pulsatile gating of giant vesicles containing macromolecular crowding agents induced by colligative non-ideality. Journal of the American Chemical Society 140, 691–699, (2018).


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2. Chabanon, M.*, David, B., & Goyeau, B.* Average model for momentum and dispersion in hierarchical porous media. Physical Review E 92, 023201 (2015).

1. Chabanon, M., Duval, H., Francais, O., Lepioufle, B., Perrin, E., Goyeau, B., & David, B.* Discrete model combined with mimetic microfluidic chips to study cell growth in porous scaffold under flow conditions. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering 15, 25–26 (2012).

PhD Thesis

Morgan Chabanon. Multiscale study of a perfusion bioreactor for bone tissue engineering. Ecole Centrale Paris, 2015. (pdf)