Permanent researchers

Photo Benedetta Franzelli
Benedetta Giulia Franzelli

CNRS researcher - Chargée de recherche

Expert in theoretical, experimental and numerical
characterization of nanoparticle production in turbulent spray flames

ORCID: 0000-0002-8598-9641


Assistant professor photo
Christopher Betrancourt 

Assistant professor

Expert in optical diagnostics for the experimental characterization of nanoparticle production in flames


Aymeric Vié;

Associate professor

Expert in numerical simulations of dispersed flows



Jérôme Bonnety

CNRS research engineer - Ingénieur de recherche

Expert in optical diagnostics and ex-situ measurements for the characterization of flame-synthesized nanoparticles 



Current students and PhD students

Soot image
Geoffrey Guy, PhD candidate


"Experimental characterisation of turbulence effect on soot production in turbulent spray flames"

started on September 2021

Soot image
Yuri Ogata, PhD candidate


"Numerical characterization of nano-particles production in turbulent flames"

started on October 2021

Muhammad Harchaoui, Master student


"Deconvolution approaches for the validation of LES subgrid scale models"

started on May 2024


Soot image
Jules Bailly, Master student

Master student funded by ERC Starting Grant SOTUF

"Experimental characterization of nanoparticle production in laminar flames via transmission electron microscopy (TEM)"

May 2023 - Septembre 2023

Soot image
Junghwa Yi, PhD candidate and PostDoctoral Fellow

PhD candidate and PostDoctoral Fellow funded by ERC Starting Grant SOTUF

"Development of LII technique for TIO2 nanoparticles in flames"

March 2019 - September 2022

Soot image
Aurora Maffina 

Master student funded by ERC Starting Grant SOTUF

"Large Eddy Simulation of soot production in perfectly premixed swirled flames"

March 2022 - December 2022

PostDoc photo
Jean-Maxime Orlac'h

Postdoctoral fellow funded by ERC Starting Grant SOTUF

"Numerical study of titania nanoparticle production in laminar and turbulent flames"

September 2018 - Avril 2020

student photo
Suzane Pereira

Research internship funded by ERC Starting Grant SOTUF

"Experimental characterization of soot production in flames"

October 2018-December 2020

Soot image
Livia Tardelli

PhD student funded by H2O2O Soprano project


"Development of a soot sugrid model for LES"

November 2016-Mars 2021

Soot image
Mathieu Roussillo

PhD student funded by industrial chair OXYTEC


"Development of optical diagnostics for the investigation of sooting turbulent flames"

Avril 2016-July 2019

Soot image
Agnes Livia Bodor

PhD student funded by H2O2O Cleangas project


"Numerical modeling of soot formation and evolution in laminar flames with detailed kinetics"

November 2015-July 2019